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Air Fryer vs Convection Oven: Which Is Better For You?

If you are looking for a new kitchen appliance, you should consider buying an air fryer vs convection oven.

They are both great products, and you can use them for cooking a variety of food.

This post will compare the two and help you decide which is the best choice for you.

What Is An Air Fryer?

air fryer vs a convection oven

An air fryer is a device that allows you to cook food in less time than traditional methods. This is useful for people who do not have much time to prepare their meals.

This product can be used for cooking French fries, chicken nuggets, and popcorn. You can also use it for cooking doughnuts. You can also reheat pizza in an air fryer.

It is easy to use because you just put the food into the air fryer, automatically cooking.

What is a Convection Oven?

A convection oven is an oven that cooks food by using hot air to circulate the food. The convection oven heats up faster than other ovens, and it cooks food evenly.

Convection Ovens are used for baking, roasting, broiling, and browning. It has an open flame in the middle of the oven that heats up quickly. 

The heat is not directed to any specific area. The convection oven is also used for cooking food quickly. It works best on small items such as muffins or croissants.

Difference B/W Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven

An air fryer is an appliance used to cook food by heating it in an enclosed space and then allowing it to rise in temperature. A convection oven cooks food by circulating hot air around the food.

1. Size 

The most common air fryers range from 2.7 quarts to 3.8 quarts, but they can also be as small as under 4.0 quarts and as large as 12 quarts, and even more significant.

If you are wondering why there are so many sizes, you can cook with them. The different sizes allow you to cook with other foods.

For example, you can cook a whole chicken in a small air fryer. It’s great for cooking a single serving of food. You can also cook a big batch of food like a whole pizza in a larger air fryer.

The average range convection oven has a cooktop around 30 inches wide and 24 inches deep. This provides enough space for a single full-sized pan.

Some of the best ranges have two burners in the center of the cooktop, making it easy to create an array of cooking tasks.

You can use this cooktop to make everything from pizza to steaks. This is the cooktop you need if you have multiple pots and pans in your kitchen.

2. Heating 

Air fryers can use air instead of oil for frying. Depending on the model, they have a heating element near the food that heats up to a temperature of around 170 to 240°C (338-456 °F).

The heat is radiated from the cooking chamber by the heating element and then circulated through the air with the help of an electric fan.

This way of frying uses very little oil. The air circulates the food, which helps to keep the food from drying out.

As a result, it is a healthier option. It also saves a lot of energy. Air fryers are more efficient than a conventional oven. You won’t have to use as much energy.

Convection ovens work by circulating heated air around the oven. A convection oven has a fan and an exhaust system that circulate the heated air around the oven.

They can cook food very quickly because the heat circulates evenly around the oven. This makes it easy to bake bread and cookies. You can also use it for cooking frozen foods. It is a great kitchen appliance.

3. Fan Placement 

The fan is located on the top of the air fryer. It is located directly underneath the heating element.

The fan circulates air through the heating element and back into the air fryer.

This allows heat to be distributed evenly throughout the interior of the air fryer and ensures that the food you are cooking is not at risk of overcooking.

A convection oven is used for cooking by heating food with hot air instead of boiling it. It’s usually found in the center of the oven.

The bottom of the oven is usually made of stainless steel or porcelain, and the top is usually made of glass or ceramic. 

4. Fan Size 

The air fryer has 12 cubic inches of space and a width of 10 inches. The air fryer is small in size, so it is not suitable for large quantities of food.

The average oven size is 16.5 cubic feet.

For a small kitchen, this means you need to select a 12″ or 14″ convection oven. A larger size oven will make it easier for you to cook larger quantities of food.

5. Range of Accessories 

You can find a wide range of accessories for your air fryer. These include air fryers with baskets, trays, air fryers with racks, and even multi-cooking features.

You can buy an air fryer with a basket, perfect for making popcorn. If you have kids, you can also get an air fryer with a tray. It will be suitable for making cookies or pancakes.

A convection oven can come with various accessories, such as a broil rack, a baking stone, and a baking sheet. 

This convection oven is one of the most popular models in the market. It comes with an easy-to-use touch pad control panel with an LED display.

The oven has an automatic cooking program to ensure that your food will be cooked evenly. This model also has a self-cleaning cycle.

Features Of an Air Fryer

1. Cooked food is always moist, tender, and flavorful

2. Reduce oil usage by using less oil than conventional ovens

3. Reduce cooking time by more than half

4. Save money on gas and electricity

5. Increase home safety

Features of Convection Oven

1. Keeps foods warm faster

2. Cook with less fat

3. Save time

4. Eliminate the need to re-heat foods

5. Provides a healthier option

6. Protect the environment

7. No smoke or odors

Advantages of an Air Fryer

There are many benefits of using an air fryer, including that it cooks food quickly. It can also be used for baking, steaming, roasting, and grilling. 

Another benefit of an air fryer is that it can cook a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, chicken, fish, and pizza.

It can also be used to make healthier versions of some of your favorite foods. The main advantage of using an air fryer is that it does not require a lot of space.

The most significant disadvantage of an air fryer is that it does not cook food evenly. 

The air inside the air fryer is not hot enough to cook the food evenly. Also, some people do not like the smell of food cooked in an air fryer.

Advantages of a Convection Oven

There are several advantages to owning a convection oven, including saving money on heating and cooling costs.

The convection oven heats food faster and evenly than a conventional oven. It also cooks food more quickly, which is one of the reasons why it is often recommended for people who are short on time.

The convection oven also has the advantage of not producing smoke or fumes, making it safe for people with respiratory problems.

Convection ovens have a few drawbacks. They are not very energy efficient, and they are costly. You can save a lot of money by buying an induction cooktop instead.

Which Cooking Method is Healthier – Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven?

If you like your food crunchy, you should use an air fryer. However, if you want your food to be moist and tender, you should use a convection oven.

You can cook using either method. If you want to cook healthy, you should use an air fryer. It cooks food fast and does not use any oil or grease.

Using an air fryer, you can cook foods such as chicken, fish, vegetables, etc. If you want to cook foods that require less time, you should use a convection oven.

This is because it simmers food and uses a lot of oil or grease. You can cook meat, bread, potatoes, etc., using a convection oven.

Cooking with an air fryer microwave combo can likewise be a healthier option.

Best Brands for Air Fryer

The best brands for Air Fryer are Philips Airfryer. Philips Airfryer, Avance Turbo Star, Cosori, NINJA, Cuisinart, Chefman.

The best brands for air fryers have been around for a long time. They are usually known for their quality and durability.

These brands have been making them for a long time. For example, they have been in business for decades.

This means that they have a lot of experience in making these products. That’s why people trust them.

Best Brand for Convection Oven

Many people believe that the best brand for a convection oven is Bosch. Bosch is a top brand for ovens, and their convection ovens are no exception. 

They are some of the most reliable and affordable ovens on the market, and they offer great features and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a convection oven better than an air fryer?

Both are great. It depends on what you want to cook. If you’re going to bake something, an air fryer is excellent. But if you’re going to cook things like meat, fish, and vegetables, a convection oven is perfect.

How long to air fry chicken nuggets?

Air frying chicken nuggets will take around 10-12 minutes.
To make sure they are crispy, flip the nuggets halfway through. When cooking other food items such as fries, you may need to add more time 

Can you use a convection oven as an air fryer?

Yes, you can use a convection oven as an air fryer.
In fact, it’s one of the best ways to air fry food because it gets the heat right where you want it. It also has the ability to cook foods quickly, which means you can get food out of the oven in less than 20 minutes.

Is an air fryer the same as a convection oven?

No, an air fryer is not the same as a convection oven. An air fryer uses hot air to cook food, while a convection oven uses a fan to circulate hot air.
The advantage of using an air fryer over a convection oven is that it does not take up much space and can be used anywhere, including on a countertop.


If you are looking for a new kitchen appliance, you should consider buying an Air Fryer vs Convection Oven.

They are both great products, and you can use them for cooking a variety of food.

The air fryer is an excellent investment because it is easy to clean and is inexpensive. However, if you want to get the best performance, you should buy a convection oven.