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The 8 Best Under Counter Ice Makers

Best undercounter ice makers can provide restaurant-quality ice at home whenever you want. Find the best ice makers from our review.

Nugget ice is loved by many due to its soft and chewable structure. This ice is perfect for your drinks, and it’s a preferable choice to serve in cocktails. 

But if you want nugget ice at your home any time you wish to, you can rely on an undercounter ice maker.

What is an undercounter ice maker?

It is a built-in appliance in your home kitchen or restaurant kitchen that produces clear ice cubes in bulk.

All ice makers need a dedicated water supply which reduces the trouble of filling the reservoir. 

Undercounter ice makers have become quite a desirable option for modern-day kitchens. These appliances consume the least space in your home or restaurant kitchen with their built-in design.

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Types of ice maker

ice makers are categorized among two types due to their ice-making output. There are Crescent ice and Clear ice makers as undercounter appliances.

Crescent ice has a more of a blurry effect and a moon-shaped design. While clear, ice can be in either cube shape or bullet shape, depending on the mold design.

Benefits of ice makers

Ice maker brings the following benefits for home kitchen, office use, bar, and restaurants:

  • Large production capacity: Ice makers produce ice in more significant quantities than countertop nugget ice makers.
  • Saves more space: Undercounter ice makers fit seamlessly, consuming the least space in your kitchen. These ice makers include kitchen cabinet spaces like a dishwasher with its built-in design.
  • Low noise: Undercounter ice makers fit in an enclosed space, which ultimately reduces the appliance’s noise.

Best Ice Maker Review 2023

1.Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker – Best for Restaurants

Dimensions17.52 x 15.96 x 31.3 inches
Capacity33 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Best Undercounter Ice Makers

Are you worried about not having enough ice on your hands to serve the customers? Well, Euhomy commercial ice maker can handle it for you. This ice maker is super-efficient and reliable to give you chilling ice cubes at any time.

Efficient and spacious

This Ice making machine can deliver up to 100 pounds per day, with a 33 pounds ice container. It has an automatic overfill prevention system for safe and secure operation, which automatically stops once the container is filled with ice.

This kind of ice making capacity is sufficient to serve at a bar or restaurant. The high-quality, low noise compressor continues the Ice-making process at very low noise. 

Multi-functional control panel

The ice maker features a bright LCD control panel with a one-touch operation. The control panel shows the whole state of the ice machine with an external digital thermometer.

You can also control the thickness of ice cubes from the control panel by simple ‘+’ and ‘- ‘buttons. Different symbols on the control panel indicate if the container is full or if the self-cleaning mode is enabled.

Timer cleaner

IF your ice maker is not working correctly, it probably needs some cleaning. With the Euhomy ice maker, press the “Timer Clean ” button for more than five seconds, and the machine will enter into a self-cleaning program. Make sure to perform this activity twice before using the machine again for ice making.

The Euhomy ice maker is an efficient device to extract large batches of ice. But on the downside, the ice bin does not have enough insulation. This slight design flaw makes the Icefalls sometimes 

2.Scotsman CU50PA-1A – Best for home kitchen

Dimensions34.38 x 14.88 x 22 inches
Capacity26 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Best Undercounter Ice Makers have been tested for their power savings and efficiency

The air-cooled ice maker produces good quality ice cubes with crystal clear formation. The unique creative process of this ice gives it a good outlook that seems perfect for serving in drinks.

Self-contained condenser

This ice maker has a self-contained storage compartment which is easy to access with an ice extractor. The efficient compressor technology fills up the 26 pounds of ice container within a few hours. It produces up to 65 pounds of ice per day.

Perfectly shaped gourmet ice

The air-cooled ice container gives the perfectly shaped nugget ice within minutes. Nugget ice is high in demand in bars and restaurants for many reasons. 

Nugget ice is enjoyable with cold drinks and cocktails, as it helps maintain the drink’s original flavor. Nugget ice has a clear formation, and it infuses the drink’s taste, so ice makers are expensive appliances.

Energy Star Certified

This ice maker is a perfect appliance for your home kitchen with certified energy star energy-saving technology. You can save on water and energy to freely enjoy ice-chilled cocktails.

This compact maker has it all to offer in a home kitchen-friendly design factor. But due to its compact size, there are some flaws in the design. The drain line is located in the middle of the bottom, making it nearly impossible to access.

3.CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker – Best with automatic drain

Dimensions17.64 x 15.75 x 31.42 inches
Capacity33 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel, Metal
If you are after a Undercounter Ice Makers then you must check this product out and read more on from our reviews

Crownful commercial ice maker is an innovation-focused appliance which promotes efficient cooling. A low noise, energy-efficient ice maker, works best for both home and commercial use.

Efficient compressor with air outlet design

The air circulation and cooling method is highly efficient. The air enters from the front side and goes out from the other front exhaust panel. This design is compatible with undercounter ice makers as you don’t have to worry about two side ventilation.

The airflow keeps the compressor up and running for long hours with a strong cooling effect. The compressor produces low heat and noise which makes it a suitable choice for home and commercial use.

Adjustable cube size

The ice cubes thickness and size can be adjusted from the control panel. The thickness of one ice cube is 0.9 inches and this machine can make 45 ice cubes in under 20 minutes.

The ice maker has an inner mold that gives a piece of perfectly cube-shaped ice. With the highly efficient compressor, this appliance can produce 100 pounds of ice per day.

Durable design

When it says commercial grade, this Crownful means it. This ice maker has metal side panels and inner panels with foam layers for more extended durability.

The Automatic cleaning and drain function saves this ice maker from corrosion or residual build-up on the inside.

It’s a durable ice maker on the outside that can work for years with its automatic cleaning features. But the upper lid of the ice maker is made of plastic which can become flimsy with time.

4.EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker – Best 15-inch

Dimensions20.06 x 14.88 x 33.31 inches
Capacity20 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Ice Makers are very well needed in summer for enjoying cold drinks in summer parties, check this tested product review

The built-in ice maker that gives you soft chewable ice in just a few hours. The EdgeStar ice maker is a true energy efficient undercounter home kitchen appliance.

Large ice making capacity

The EdgeStar approved appliances are guaranteed to be energy efficient. This ice maker is 25 pounds of crescent-shaped ice with its own 20 pounds of ice storage container.

The best part about the well-insulated container is that it also acts as a freezer. Which means your crescent-shaped ice won’t clump up or deform on the inside.

Convenient design

The design features are the standout elements of this ice maker. The overall design is pretty convenient to fit under a countertop like a dishwasher. Plus, it has a reversible door unit, so you can open it on either left or right side without confusion.

Easy installation

The installation process is much easier than a typical ice maker. This ice maker has a no drain design that does not require any extra attachments or outlets. The inner ice bucket is removable, and it includes the ice scoop for conveniently extracting ice out of the container.

5.ADT Stainless Steel Ice Maker – Best residential

Dimensions17.7 x 15.72 x 31.5 inches
Capacity33 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorSilver and Black
this is another ice maker that is Undercounter very well tested.

ADT offers advanced technology and outstanding quality to make your life easier! With this business kitchen appliance, you’ll get millions of terrific ices. 

Economical Powerful mechanical device

Our ice maker is provided with a robust compressor, which gives it excellent refrigeration capability. Solely thirty-eight dB of running sound offers you a tremendous ice-making experience.

The ice maker produces up to 100 pounds per day and has a 33 pounds storage container to collect more ice per time.

Crystalline Foam Technology

With crystalline foaming technology, ice cubes will be unbroken at low temperatures for a protracted time.

This model is straightforward operating and straightforward to urge started. It’ll be ideal for bars, offices, cafés, restaurants, and residential kitchens. 

ADT additionally provides extraordinary service, which can be a nice-looking experience.

The Adjustable Feet

Adjustable leveling legs build it straightforward to use on any ground, keeping the electric refrigerator quiet and stable within the daily use. 

Presently, ice cubes cannot be kept in the machine for a long time in the heating season. If you’d prefer to keep ice cubes for a long time, you’d better keep them in the freezer.

It is a great little product with many features to fit right in your home kitchen. But if you want to use it as a commercial-grade product, it may not be wise.

6.VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker – Best commercial grade

Dimensions22 x 34 x 67 inches
Capacity350 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Wow, this is our best ice maker machine, check out the product review from us

This ice maker is an excellent choice for commercial grade use with its high-quality parts and noiseless operation. It contains a built-in water filter and large bin to work seamlessly with your bar or restaurant business.

VEVOR is devoted to conveying you premium, high-quality, and purposeful merchandise at affordable prices. The manufacturer’s vision is to incessantly introduce and improve products supported by customer wants yet current trade trends. 

Economical filter

With a strong water filter, the Ice creating machine is directly connected to the tap to convert water into drinkable pure water and manufacture clean, sanitary and healthy ice cubes. Ice scoops, water system hose, water system connector and a water exhausting hose. 

All you wish is thoughtfully provided in addition. Filter cleaning is the most crucial point in ice makers cleaning tips. This industrial fridge can be cleaned mechanically with one click. A lot of labor-saving, convenient and fast, saving some time and effort.

Powerful mechanical device

Powerful 950W compressor SECOP equipped with sturdy cooling and second-speed start, serve the fridge Longer than typical alternative compressors. In addition, business kitchen appliances realize convenient and economic ice creating an experience. 14*13 ice receptacles for 182 clear cubes one cycle in 8-15 minutes.

Adjustable Ice Thickness

creating exquisite crystal-clear cubes. This standard ice machine is ideal for the service industry. Building kitchens, bars and other food businesses aren’t complete while not it. Serving beverages and cocktails is fast and easy. Smoothies and milkshakes are prepared in minutes, and it’s excellent for wine buckets and fine dining.

7.LifePlus Commercial Ice Maker – Best with drain pump

Dimensions13.78 x 14.09 x 24.8 inches
Capacity10 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
another amazing ice maker machine, ice makers are tested by manufactures for their efficiency, so we do recommend you to by them after checking our product reviews on all ice makers

LIFEPLUS Commercial-grade kitchen appliance. It’s a machine with a full set of accessories, an associate degree ice scoop, a 9-inch-long water hose with regulator connexon, and a 6.5-inch-long debilitating hose. We are committed to providing customers with the simplest looking expertise and high-quality products.

Advanced & economic ice creating technology

LIFEPLUS business ice maker machine will make 70LBS of high-quality ice in twenty-four Hrs. and thirty-two items of clear ice in one cycle inside 11-20 mins. 

This ice maker is equipped with a high-voltage mechanical device and 10LBS of ice bin for ice storage. Quickly ice making and huge ice storage capacity permit the machine to satisfy square block demands of client time of day and your daily use.


We tend to design several functions for the LifePlus ice cube creating machine. You’ll be able to use drinkable or bucket water for machine water supply and set three different thicknesses of the ice cube (S-M-L) for various purposes. 

Automatic overflow prevention, you oughtn’t to worry about the ice overflow. By exploiting this ice maker, your customers or relations can forever get clear, recent and healthy ice cubes.

Easy to use and operate

The commercial fridge is equipped with an intuitive LED electrical device for straightforward operation, and an indicator panel image lights up. It’s straightforward, and you simply ought to connect two water tubes or place the water bucket on the machine, connect the facility wire and switch on the machine

Saves on the plumbing

This ice maker comes with a complete set of accessories to keep things clean with a drain line. It’s a perfect appliance for your kitchen, including the water faucet and other accessories.

It’s a compact-sized and easy to operate ice maker for your home kitchen. But it may cause some disturbance with the noise so be prepared for that.

8.Manitowoc – Best budget

Dimensions35 x 28 x 19.5 inches
Capacity25 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Best Undercounter Ice Makers

Running limited on a budget? The Manitowoc ice maker would bring you the most affordable and reliable ice-making product. It’s a little fridge and ice maker all in one formation.

Delay start option

The control panel is featured on the inner side of the ice maker. It features all the functionalities under a one-button operation to control the ice maker. You can set the time delay to produce ice between 4, 12, or 24 hours of difference. LED light setup provides maximum visibility inside the bin for easy access.

Water filtration system

This ice maker has a reliable water filtration system that helps to avoid bacterial or residual build-up on the inside. This filter system produces crystal clear ice cubes that infuse the drink’s flavor.

The water filtration system has been pressed in the GE profile nugget ice maker review 2022, which states Manitowoc is a preferable product on GE.

This ice maker is the perfect little appliance to make ice in your home kitchen quickly. However, users find it challenging to access the control panel. The control panel is positioned inside, which requires opening the door first.

How to install the undercounter ice maker

Every ice maker has its design and functionalities that make the installation process different for them. The working mechanism of each ice maker is different, which affects the installation process as well.

It’s recommended to call a plumber for this kind of installation. Otherwise, you may damage the product. If you want to install the ice maker by yourself, follow this step-by-step approach:

  • First, make sure that you have sufficient or dedicated space under your kitchen countertop to fit in the ice maker. Do not plug in the ice maker while fitting in.
  • Ensure that the scuff shield is as close to the cabinet as possible. You can adjust the legs to ensure the height of the ice maker is symmetric from each side.
  • Connect the water faucet line with your ice maker. And connect the drain pipe to an external source to release the water from melted ice.
  • Once each side is leveled accurately, slide in the Ice making unit inside the undercounter opening.
  • Plug in the adapter in the wall outlet and switch on the ice maker. Ensure the water supply is on so the ice maker can work properly.

How to use under counter ice maker

Undercounter ice makers are the easiest to use with the automatic features and touch control panels. Follow these steps to get the best use:

  • They need a permanent water source. Therefore, attach the waterline to the kitchen faucet to provide a constant water source.
  • After installing the water connection, install the water filter.
  • Release the water supply to release the water flow in the container.
  • Ensure the water adapter is plugged in and switch on the ice maker from the control panel.
  • Set the ice cube thickness and water timer to reduce the delay if you instantly want to produce ice.
  • Press the start or ice-making button, and within an hour, you’ll get up to 20 pounds of ice.

How to clean undercounter ice maker

  • They have a self-cleaning button that automatically defrosts and drains excess water. 
  • Make sure to release the drain cap before starting the cleaning procedure.
  • Look for the ‘Clean’ button to instantly clean the ice maker. 
  • If you want to clean any residue from the inside, use an EPA-approved cleaner to remove stains from the ice container.
  • Make sure to wipe off the insides properly with a wet cloth. Otherwise, it might leave a scent on the knowledge.
  • Open the drain to release the rinsed water or chemical through the drain.
 under counter ice maker

How does an under the counter ice maker work?

It is attached with a water supply. Undercounter ice maker does not require any reservoir filling connected with a permanent water connection.

The ice maker has a water pump that supplies water to the ice tray for making ice nuggets. The ice tray constantly chills and delivers ice cubes on the base of the tray.

How long do under counter ice makers last

An ideal ice maker lasts for 4 to 5 years, although it depends on the warranty of the ice maker.

Whirlpool Under counter ice maker troubleshooting

You need to reset the machine to troubleshoot the Whirlpool Ice Maker. The reset button is found on either bottom or top of the ice maker. 

Press the button for a few seconds until you hear the beeping sound. Once the beeping sound is gone, release the button, and the machine will be reset.

Things to consider before buying an Under counter ice maker

The following items should be kept in sight before purchasing the ideal ice maker for your home, kitchen, office, or business:

What should be the dimensions?

The ideal dimensions for an ice maker should be relevant to a dishwasher in terms of height. The perfect size should be 35 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

What should be the capacity of an ice maker?

An ice maker should produce 40 to 50 pounds of ice per day while having a bucket capacity of Ice 20 pounds at least.

Drain and water inlet option

They should have a drain option to release the melting ice. Besides that, it should have a permanent water supply source.

Under counter Ice Makers FAQs

Is Scotsman a suitable ice machine?

Scotsman ice machine is suitable to produce nugget ice or sonic ice.

Do undercounter ice makers keep ice frozen?

They have better insulation than portable ice makers, making them ideal. 

How much water does an ice maker use?

An ideal ice maker produces 25 to 30 pounds of ice, consuming 20 to 25 pounds of water.

Where do I find the model number for the Kitchen aid ice maker?

The model number is usually found behind the lower front panel or back of the Ice making unit.

Why is my ice maker leaking underneath?

The leakage is caused due to a punctured water line or clogged up drainage tube.

What people say about these ice makers:

Review 1 from the United State:

This product is certainly “easy to install”. I put that in quotes, since you need a water line coming in, and a drain line going out. It’s very easy, in that it just plugs into your power outlet (no hard wiring), but if you aren’t particularly handy you might need a plumber to run those lines for you. But it’s not a complicated install either way.

Review 2 from the United State:

This unit actually does produce 100 pounds a day and the bin holds about 30 pounds. It’s smaller than you would think but looks great. I turned the full unit off and the insulated bin still has ice 3-5 days later if you keep the lid closed ( mine is in the kitchen). You really should buy some ice bags and fill a few up and pop them in the freezer for times when 33 pounds is not enough (we go fishing and need 100 pounds for the coolers). This unit already paid for itself and I would buy it again!

Review 3 from the United State:

So this is an awesome machine. Makes ice fast, clear, and quick. Price is right as well. Also, this is in our condo and I can turn it off and drain the reservoir without it filling back up, when we leave, so no chasing valves under counters. Love this machine.


An undercounter ice maker is a compact style appliance that consumes the least space and provides a stable output on ice. These devices are convenient for home and office use and supply crunchy nugget ice makers.