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Cheap Washing Machines Under 200 | Top Picks

Cheap washing machines under 200 would cover all your cleaning needs without consuming a lot of space. Find the right appliance from our reviews.

It’s a famous proverb that you should always care for your dirty laundry. And that seems fit when you have to visit a laundry shop to get your clothes washed. But if you’re running low on budget, go for a portable twin tub washing machine.

Portable washing machines have built-in washer and spinner options to clean and dry your clothes under one washing cycle. These washing machines are affordable and compact, covering your needs without hurting your budget.

How Long Should a Cheap Washing Machine Last?

When it comes to cheap washing machines, there are various concerns about their durability due to the plastic body. But even the cheap washing machines last for 10 to 14 years under a limited warranty.

This article has brought the best washing machines you can buy under the cheap price tag of 200 dollars. We will discuss the features of each product to enhance your shopping experience.

Best Cheap Washing Machines Under 200

1. Super Deal Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine– Best Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

Dimensions‎23 x 13.5 x 26 inches
Capacity13 pounds

This compact style washing machine is suitable for those who want to spin and wash the clothes in the same formation. The SUPER DEAL twin tub washing machine is made for limited spaces to give a spin and clean service simultaneously.

Twin Tub Design

The twin tub function is designed to work simultaneously as a dryer and washing machine. So now you don’t have to purchase a drying unit separately. You can directly move the clothes from the washing machine to the spinner. 

Powerful Motor for Large Capacity

This washing machine is fitted with a 1300RPM powerful motor that delivers a maximum frequency of 60Hz. The rotary control system has a different design and timer control for both washers and spinners.

The washer section can hold a capacity of 8 pounds. At the same time, the spinner has a 5 pounds capacity which works well with the powerful motor simultaneously.

Plastic Body design

Some durability fanatics might be wondering why a plastic body is not suitable for lasting. But in the case of washing machines, it is safe and considerably more substantial. Plastic body parts ensure the machine won’t rust for a long time and keeps it safe from electric shocks under moist conditions. 

The compact size and two-in-one features give a huge thumbs up to anyone with tighter spaces. But the spinner holds only half of the clothes as the washer, which means you’ll have to dry clothes in different cycles.

Cheap washing machines under 200

2. GRAVFORCE Portable Washing Machine– Cheap washing machines under 200

Dimensions24 x 14.2 x 28 inches
ColorBlue and White
Capacity21 pounds

GRAVFORCE portable washing machine gives you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted in a home appliance. This is a 2-in-1 washing machine that saves you from the trouble of handwashing and separate drying.

Quick and Efficient

This washing machine has a 260W washer and 140W spinner to separately wash and dry your clothes simultaneously in the same form factor. The washing machine has a capacity of 14.4 pounds, while the dryer section has a 6.6 pounds capacity. 

Each section is separately powered by the motors with their large capacity, making this product a highly efficient home appliance for cleaning large batches of clothes.

Integrated Time Control

There is no need to get confused between the time settings. Both washer and dryer have integrated dials for setting the timers between different time slots. For the dryer, the timer ranges from 0-5 minutes, and for the washer, the timer range goes from 0-15 minutes.

Value for Money

Forget the agitation of water and electricity bills. This reliable washing machine saves more water and electricity with its pre-programmed washing settings. Such preset washing modes are not available in standard washing machines.

The dual capability of a washing machine makes it an efficient choice for saving time and money. But the dryer setup on this twin tub washing machine may limit options. 

The spinner only works as a dryer on a single setting, so you may have to dry the clothes several times. Moreover, the washing machine leaks water if the hook’s drainpipe is not held correctly.

Cheap washing machines under 200
Cheap washing machines under 200

3. Pyle XPB20-288S PYRPUCWM22 Compact Machine– Best Cheap washing machines under 200 with Manual Settings

Dimensions22.2 x 13.9 x 23.6 inches
ColorBlue & White
Capacity‎7.7 Pounds

The compact washing machine by Pyle offers a great combination of dryer and washer in one compact design. No installation setup is required as you don’t have to perform any exceptional plumbing or attachment with this washing machine.

Easy to Use Cheap washing machines under 200

Pyle washing machines come ready to use right out of the box. This portable washing machine has a top-loading system that works with the direct insertion of water and detergent. 

You don’t have to call a plumber to set up this washing machine. The power cord and drainage pipe come in the package, and they are easy to attach by yourself at home.

Manual Rotary Controls

A manual control system gives control to your hands to manage the capabilities of your washing machine. 

With the rotary dial system, you can easily set this washing machine to operate under a specified time and washing style. 

The timer and washing or drying mode can be set manually using the operating dials with just one rotation.

Lightweight and Powerful

This portable machine is an easy to relocate appliance due to its portable structure and lightweight design. But being light does not mean it’ll compromise on performance.

The washer is powered by a 250-watt motor, which can hold 70 pounds of weight. The spinner has an integrated 120-watt motor with 33 pounds of weight capacity.

Everything seems like a piece of cake with this washing machine, from operation to set up. Although you might find the packaged parts like the electric cord and drain hose short in length. Due to the short drain hose, you may need to tilt the washing machine to drain out properly.

Cheap washing machines under 200
Cheap washing machines under 200

4. SUPER DEAL 9.9 LBS Mini Compact Washing Machine– Best Budget Washing Machine with Twin Tub feature

Dimensions‎25.2 x 22.05 x 14.96 inches
Capacity9 pounds

Make your life easier at an affordable price with a SUPER DEAL compact washing machine. This washing machine is a great home appliance for small apartments and rooms where it’s impossible to fit large equipment.

Powerful and Easy to Use

This mini washing machine does not lack efficiency due to its size. The 5.5 pounds capacity washer and 4.4 pounds spinner save you time and energy by running simultaneously.

A separate power motor powers each section. Both sections have individual time knobs set between 0-15 for the washer and 0-5 for the spinner.

Efficient and Energy Saving

This compact washing machine works with True Rinse technology that saves water and power smartly. This feature gives you much better rinsing results than other washing machines on the market.

Each wash cycle includes two deep rinses, which properly clean the laundry on accurate water measures. Without any misconceptions, the entire water capacity indication actually fills the tub to the top.


The compact size means this machine is easy to move around. So, if you live in a small apartment, you don’t have to dedicate a space for laundry. You can wash clothes anywhere with a water faucet with this washing machine.

This washing machine is efficient, cheap, and sturdy for long-term service. The size is compact, but it might not feel stable on the spinner-only mode as the machine wobbles around due to its small size.

Cheap washing machines under 200
Cheap washing machines under 200

5. Auertech Portable Washing MachineBest Semi-Automatic washing machine for large households

Dimensions22 x 14 x 23 inches
Capacity14 pounds

Get the best washing machine and spinner experience in the Auertech portable washing machine. Both of these features are fitted in one compact design to put this washing machine even in your bathroom.

Large Motor and Capacity

This washing machine is equipped with 1300rpm, which gives quick and efficient cleaning performance. Besides powerful washer and dryer spins, the motor can clean 9 pounds of laundry with 5 pounds of drying capacity.

Both washing and drying timers are controlled by a separate timing knob, making it easier to understand the control panel.

Designed for Small Spaces

Home appliances should be easy to move around and operate. These factors are carefully considered in this washing machine’s build design. The build material is made with a high-quality PP body, lightweight, and rush-free for long service.

Time Saver of Cheap washing machines under 200

Since it’s a twin tub washing machine, we can save a lot of time on washing clothes by running the washer and dryer simultaneously. This feature works effectively under the control of two separate wash timers.

Auertech has delivered a large capacity washing machine in a compact form factor. But compact size might leave you with some limitations as there is no integrated compartment for adding detergent, which might cause a mess.

Cheap washing machines under 200
Cheap washing machines under 200

6. SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Mini Portable Washing Machine 17.6lbs– Best Twin Tub Washing Machine with Smart Gravity Drain

Dimensions‎24.8 x 13.8 x 28.7 inches
Capacity17.6 pounds

This Cheap washing machines under 200 leaves no complaints with its lightweight structure and heavy-duty cleaning capacity. The Super Deal washing machine delivers an energy-efficient cleaning experience with its energy-efficient features and sturdy build.

Large Load Capacity

The washing machine is designed with a honeycomb-shaped inner tub that can manage to hold 11 pounds of cleaning capacity at a time. This means you won’t have to clean clothes in batches. 

Put all your laundry at once in the washer container. A large container works perfectly for cleaning bedsheets, table cloths, and heavy garments like jeans at the same time.

True Rinse Technology of Cheap washing machines under 200

Not any more unfortunate flushes. Our True flush innovation conveys the best washing results ever without squandering water. It remembers two profound washes for all cycles. Also, the most significant water level means the tub is genuinely brimming with water up to the top.

The gravity channel was carefully determined to deplete the washer with stops, and it implies a typical washroom sink won’t ever flood.

Powerful Cleaning Capacity

Our clothes washer has separate clock control settings for washer and spinner tasks. The washer clock for 15 minutes and the twist clock for 5 minutes for every heap. Highlights a channel tube – permits you to empty filthy water straightforwardly, which is appropriate for most condos.

This washing machine gives a durable performance with time and energy efficiency. But when it comes to the quality of the spinner basket, it lacks a bit on a short scale. That’s because of the built quality of the spinner basket, which is very lightweight and sensitive.

Cheap washing machines under 200
Cheap washing machines under 200

Notable Mentions

  • Giantex Washing Machine

If you’re looking for a washing machine that puts excellent value for money under the $200 mark, the Giantex washing machine would be wise. The washer and spinner capacity are sufficient to clean and dry your clothes simultaneously.

  • INVIE Portable Washing Machine

If you’re on a budget but looking for something durable and efficient, go for the Invie Portable washing machine. This washing machine has 17.6 pounds (11 pounds washer and 6.6 pounds spinner) which is quite impressive for a budget-friendly washing machine.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cheap Washing Machine Under 200

Before buying any home appliance, we should ensure that they’re according to our criteria. Down below, we have mentioned some common factors you should provide in a cheap washing machine before you make the big purchase:

What should be the right size and capacity?

The first thing to look for in a washing machine is the washer and dryer capacity. Most of the time, you’ll find compact washing machines with a twin tub design which means they should have at least 17 pounds.

What should be the washer and spinner capacity ratio?

The spinner should have at least half the washer capacity in a dual semi-automatic washing machine. The washer capacity should be around 8 to 9 pounds, while the spinner capacity should be at least 5 pounds to match the cleaning procedure.

Cleaning Cycles of Filters

It is recommended to clean washing machine filters after every wash and check the filters before every washing session to ensure quality cleaning. Choosing a washing machine with gravity rinse technology is ideal as such appliances are more energy-efficient.

It is recommended to reset the washing machine. The ideal process is self-explanatory to reset the Samsung washing machine settings, which works for nearly every twin tub washing machine.

Drainage and parts

Another critical factor is the compatibility of load drainage and faucet connection parts with your household. The drain pipe should be long enough so it doesn’t cause a flooded mess after every cleaning process. The water connection faucet should easily fit with your household water supply.

Washing machines under 200 FAQs

Which washing machine is good with the lowest price?

The Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is the best appliance for a low budget.

Can we leave clothes in the washing machine overnight?

It depends on the time cycle. The wet clothes can be left in the washing machine for 8 to 12 hours, covering the overnight hours. While completely dry, dresses can be kept for as long as possible.

Does the washing machine spoil clothes?

A washing machine may damage your clothes if you are not familiar with the correct cleaning settings. Make sure to choose the suitable pre-programmed mode according to the clothes’ material and type.


Home appliances like washing machines are one-time investments, and you have to be very picky when choosing one for your home. Sure, there are laundry shops around the block, but it’s a waste of time to reach out whenever you want to clean just a few clothes.

But with cheap washing machines under 200, you get two-in-one benefits of the cleaning world. These washing machines are compact and energy-efficient. It saves you time and money, bringing the best value for money.