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How long does a washing machine take?Complete Guide 2024

How long does a washing machine take?

A washing machine plays a vital role in our lives, making our lives comfortable and easier. Modern washing machines are more convenient and provide different wash cycles according to your laundry loads. 

Usually, a washing machine takes 30 minutes for lightly soiled loads and up to 50 minutes or an hour for heavily soiled items. But, a washing machine cycle widely depends upon the settings and model of the washing machine. A quick wash cycle can wash clothes in less than 25 minutes. However, tightly packed clothes can take longer than light loads in a washer. 

We will discuss how long a washing machine takes to do laundry and the cycle from normal to quick ones. So, let’s begin. 

How long does a washing machine cycle last?

A wash cycle takes 30 minutes or an hour, depending upon the loads and type of washing machine. Moreover, the washing cycle also varies due to the different load capacities of the washers.

Furthermore, many modern washing machines consist of various washing cycles. These washing cycles have made our lives easier. 

Wash cycle.Time a cycle takes.
Normal 30-50 minutes.
Quick.20 minutes.
Delicate. 30 to 40 minutes.
Sanitize 30-45 minutes
Heavy duty Up to an hour.
  • A normal wash cycle

A normal wash cycle will take 30 to 50 minutes due to differences in loads; however, a washing machine will take more time if your clothes are too dirty or stained. Besides, clothes with no stains and dirt will finish the cycle earlier.

  •  Quick wash cycle

A quick wash cycle, when you are in a hurry or want to wash your t.shirt or any other light laundry, a quick wash cycle can save your time. A quick wash cycle in your washing machine’s setting will wash your clothes in 20 minutes. 

  • Delicate cycle

As the name indicates, delicate or sheer clothes. For your dresses, lingeries, gowns and stockings. A delicate cycle lasts for less than 40 minutes. Excessive suds or unbalanced loads in the washer can lengthen wash times.  

  • Sanitise Cycle

A sanitised wash cycle removes all the bacteria from your clothes and gives you germ-free clothes. When you wash your clothes in a sanitise cycle with sanitising detergents, they ultimately remove the bacteria in 30 to 45 minutes. 

  • Heavy-duty cycle

When your clothes are heavily soiled, stained or greased, you must choose a heavy-duty wash cycle with too much detergent. A heavy-duty wash cycle lasts up to an hour. But, if you want the cycle to end earlier, you must pre-soak your clothes in detergent before placing them in the washer. 

How long does an Average Wash cycle take?

How long does a washing machine take
How long does a washing machine take

An average wash cycle takes 30 to 50 minutes. However, a spin cycle varies in top and front loader washing machines. However, the load size, energy and water consumption differ in all washers.

 Top loader Vs. Front loader spin cycle. 

A top loader washing machine’s average cycle takes up to 50 minutes, depending on the model and brand. A top-loading machine uses more water than a front-loader. 

On the other hand, a front load washing machine takes more than an hour to complete as it uses less water to wash clothes. A most reliable heavy duty washing machine with high efficiency can take even more time for a wash cycle. 

Why does the washing machine take so long?

Traditional washing machines take less time than modern washing machines. The built-in features and less water for washing clothes, especially in front loaders, take a long time to wash. That’s why a 40-degree wash takes almost 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on the load. 

Besides this, a washing machine can take longer due to heavy or unbalanced loads and highly stained clothes. A cotton washing machine can take more than an hour due to the high agitation wash. A high agitation wash also prevents mold on rubber in a washing machine.

How long is a rinse cycle?

A rinse cycle usually lasts 40-45 minutes. The rinse cycle depends on the washer rinse temperature and how hot, cold or warm it is. 

How long does it take to wash and dry clothes?

A drying cycle takes 30-40 minutes to dry clothes. So, you can add the drying cycle time to the washing machine’s regular cycle, which will take an hour and 30 minutes to wash and dry clothes. 

How to reduce the laundry time?

You can reduce the laundry time by pre-soaking the heavily stained or greased clothes in detergent. By pre-treating your clothes, you will not need to wash them in a heavy-duty cycle, which takes more time than the average wash cycle. 

If your washer is too old and does not have modern features, You can think of purchasing a new washing machine as the modern appliances are less economical and consume less energy. Read here: how long do clothes washers last?

How long does a washing machine take FAQs.

Does a quick wash clean clothes?

Yes, a quick wash of clean clothes. But, only lightly soiled and fewer loads are more likely to be cleaned in a quick wash cycle. The heavy loads and tough stains are not washed off in a quick cycle.

What is the shortest wash cycle?

The shortest wash cycle is the quick cycle which takes only 20 minutes. 

Final thoughts

A washing machine takes 30 to 50 minutes depending upon the model, setting and programming of the washer. An average cycle takes between 30 to 50 minutes. However, dirty and tightly packed clothes will take longer to finish the cycle. 

We hope the above article helped and gave you an idea about the wash cycle.