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How many watts does a refrigerator use? Save money on energy bill 2024

How many watts does a refrigerator use?

Are you worried about the hefty electricity bills and don’t know why? Want to know the total watts used by the refrigerator so you can estimate the total energy consumption of your refrigerator? 

Refrigerators are the big appliances and relatively consume more energy than other appliances. This might be a reason for your high electricity charges.  

A fridge or refrigerator uses 200-400 watts. However, the wattage usage depends upon the model and size of the refrigerator. A large-size refrigerator used in restaurants, hotels, and bars has approximately 700-1000 wattage. The home fridge or a small fridge uses between 200- 450 watts. 

Different refrigerators have variable wattage usage. We will discuss the watts used per hour, day, and year in the given article. Besides this, we will let you know various ways to reduce the fridge’s power consumption. Let’s dive into details. 

What is the average wattage for a refrigerator?

The average wattage for a domestic refrigerator can be between 200-450 watts. In contrast, a large fridge in bars and restaurants consumes 700- 1000 watts of energy. 

Power consumption depends upon the ambient temperature of the place where you keep your refrigerator, its size, model, and age. 

An old refrigerator uses more electricity than the new one. In case of malfunctioning of the compressor or any other problem, the refrigerator will struggle more to maintain a cool temperature and, in this way, consumes more electricity. 

Refrigerator watts calculator

How many watts does a refrigerator use
How many watts does a refrigerator use

You can use any online power consumption calculator to know the watts used by your refrigerator.

You can also check the label behind the refrigerator to check the wattage of your refrigerator.

A plug-in power meter can tell exactly the watts used. 

Refrigerator watts per hour & day

According to an estimate, a  refrigerator uses 1-2 kilowatts per hour. Moreover, you can use the power consumption calculator to determine the hourly wattage. 

To know the cost per day, calculate the kilowatt-hour by the price per kilowatt hour mentioned on your electricity bill. 

An example is given below : 

To calculate the running wattage, first, multiply the Volts × Amp. The average volts used are 120, and the amp is 6.5. So, 

120  ×  6.5 = 780 

  • Watts Per Day 

The running wattage = 780 

By dividing by 780/3. We will get  260 = watts per day. 

260*24= 6240 watts

6240/1000=  6.24 kilowatt hours 

From the bill, check the per-hour price and multiply by kilowatt hours. 

6.24* $0.1 = $ 0.624 per day. 

  • Monthly energy consumption

For monthly electricity watts  

$0.624* 30 = $18.72

  • Yearly wattage consumption

For estimated yearly electricity  

$18.72* 365 = 227.76 

This is a rough estimate to calculate the wattage. Otherwise, the best way is to use the available online calculator for quick answers. 

How many watts does a mini refrigerator use?

The average mini American made refrigerators consume 65-80 watts of electricity. Moreover, the wattage also depends upon the total operating hours, model, and cooling capabilities. 

So, the wattage can be more or less according to the brand and other features. 

How many watts refrigerator generator?

You can run your refrigerator on a generator, but it is risky. Using an appropriate wattage generator for your freezer or refrigerator will minimise the chances of any damage to your appliance. 

Different wattage generators are available according to the size of the refrigerator. For a large size fridge, 5000 watts generator for proper running. 

However, a small-size or household refrigerator needs a 2000 watts generator to function correctly without any power outage. 

So, you must read the owner’s manual or ask the manufacturer for more guidance about the recommended generator. 

Solar panels wattage 

You can use a solar power battery according to the size of the fridge. But make sure to have the solar charge controller, required solar panels, and deep cycle battery. 

Set everything by a professional plumber to avoid any harm to the fridge.  

Refrigerator Energy saving tips 

To lessen the monthly electricity bill, you must learn to save energy for refrigerators and all other energy-consuming appliances. A few of the tips to cut down the high power consumption are given below: 

  • Keep your refrigerator in a ventilated place.
  • A moldy refrigerator uses more energy for cooling, so regularly clean your fridge. 
  • Keep an eye on the rubber gasket, and seal it properly. Otherwise, leaky cold air leads to more energy consumption. 
  • Maintain the required temperature of the fridge for the best cooling. Ever thought about how long for a fridge to get cool? It also depends upon the temperature set up. 
  • Place your fridge away from the heat and sunlight. 
  • Prefer to buy energy-efficient refrigerators having the best start ratings. The energy star-certified refrigerators are more efficient with modern features. 

How many watts does a refrigerator use FAQs

Can a generator damage a refrigerator?

Yes, a generator can damage the refrigerator. But by using the appropriate wattage generator according to the size of the refrigerator. The chances of the damage are reduced

How many watts does a refrigerator use on start-up?

A refrigerator uses 2000 watts on start-up. However, the starting watts vary in all refrigerators due to different models and sizes. 

What is the wattage of a normal fridge?

A normal fridge consumes between 300 and 700 watts depending on the brand, features, size, and model. 

Does a refrigerator use a lot of energy?

No, a refrigerator does not consume a lot of energy. A duty cycle maintains the working of the fridge and on/off timings, which saves energy. 

Final thoughts 

A refrigerator uses 200-400 watts or even more. It widely depends upon the type of refrigerator. A household refrigerator consumes less energy compared to a commercial refrigerator. 

Moreover, the brands and features also affect wattage usage. Old fridges use more power than modern energy-efficient refrigerators. 

We hope the above article helped you understand the energy consumption by refrigerators and tips to save electricity. Thank you fro reading our article about How many watts does a refrigerator use.