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Refrigerator making knocking noise – Causes & Solutions

Refrigerator making knocking noise

Refrigerator making knocking noise
Refrigerator making knocking noise

Different Sounds coming from a refrigerator are quite normal. But a knocking noise can be troublesome and annoying. So, if you notice the knocking sound in your refrigerator, you need to call a technician. 

A knocking noise can be due to a fault in any of the following components of the refrigerator: 

  • A faulty evaporator fan & motor  
  • Fault in the condenser fan 
  • Malfunctioning of the Compressor 

Let’s discuss the faulty noise-producing components in detail and how to fix the sound coming from the refrigerator. 

How to fix the refrigerator knocking noise?

Refrigerators often make noises like gurgling, buzzing, banging and whistling sounds. But if you hear a knocking noise from the fridge, it is a sign indicating that something is faulty in the components of the refrigerator. 

Any clogged object, dirt, debris and fault in the Evaporator fan, Condenser and Compressor of the refrigerator leads to knocking noises. 

  1.  Evaporator fan & motor 

An evaporator fan in the fridge and refrigerator functions to evenly distribute the cold air inside the fridge. This fan is inside the back wall of the refrigerator and pulls air from the condenser coils. 

Furthermore, the evaporative fan motor is attached to the fan blades and circulates air through the coils. The squeaky or loud motor noise can also be due to lost lubrication, worn-out brushing and mechanical fault. 

Fixing the faulty evaporative fan

my refrigerator is making a knocking noise

If you hear a knocking noise inside the refrigerator, it will be due to the faulty evaporator fan and motor. To fix this issue, unplug the fridge and then check if any ice accumulated on the coils, debris or foreign object is stuck inside the fan.

In case of ice accumulation, defrost the ice or clean the debris. Check the fan by rotating clockwise to find any clogged object. Then again, plug in the switch and note if the sound is still coming. 

You need to open the back panel to check the fault for the evaporative motor. So, you must seek professional help to fix this issue. Do not try any DIY to avoid any damage. 

Check here to defrost a Samsung refrigerator. 

  1. Condenser fan
refrigerator is making intermittent knocking noise

refrigerator is making intermittent knocking noise

A condenser fan cools the compressor and condenser coils at the back of the refrigerator. The condenser fan blows air to the condenser coils and converts the hot refrigerant gas into a cool liquid. 

Any noise from the back of the fridge is due to the fault in the condenser fan and motor. 

Fix a faulty condenser fan

While functioning, the condenser fan gets grime, dust and other particles, causing disruption in the normal working and giving loud noises. A knocking noise can be fixed by cleaning the dirt or debris. 

You can also use a vacuum to remove the dust. Moreover, if the sound still comes and the refrigerator is not cooling,  you must call a professional plumber or check the manual for further assistance. 

  1. The compressor of the refrigerator
refrigerator is making  knocking noise

A Compressor is the heart of the refrigerator and performs a significant role in the cooling of a refrigerator. After checking the other components, you need to check the compressor to know the reason behind the knocking sounds. Any loose part of the compressor can cause these knock sounds. 

The worn-out compressor is the reason for annoying noises. 

Fixing the compressor of the fridge

A faulty compressor cannot be fixed. You have to replace it. But, replacing the compressor is a costly process. 

So, a fault in the compressor means you need to buy a new refrigerator. 

Why the refrigerator makes a clunking noise when it shuts off

refrigerator is making  knocking noise

The Clunking noise of the refrigerator is due to the compressor located at the bottom back of the refrigerator. A compressor plays a vital role in cooling the fridge

A fridge compressor consists of a motor and a pump suspended by springs. If any springs break or become loose and the compressor shuts off. 

So, while shutting off, the motor shifts a little, making a clunk noise against the inside walls of the compressor. 

A few of the other sounds produced in a refrigerator are listed below: 

  • Ticking & Clicking noise of a refrigerator.

The ticking noise from a fridge is due to the grime and debris on the coils. So, you need to clean the coils to avoid these sounds.  

  • Thumping & gurgling sounds of a refrigerator.

If you notice any thumping noise from your fridge, it can be due to the compressor turning on and off.  You can fix this issue by checking the refrigerant to see if any ice cube or other object is stuck. 

Remove the clogged objects to avoid these noises. 

  • Buzzing and humming noise of a fridge.

The humming sounds are natural and are not worrisome. But if you notice the buzzing sounds, it means the refrigerator is hitting the wall or other nearby cabinets. So, you need to move your fridge a few inches away from the wall to eliminate the buzzing noise. 

Brand new refrigerator making knocking noise

refrigerator making knocking noise

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is making knocking or intermittent noises, it might be from the compressor or condenser fan. The build-in dust and dirt can cause these annoying sounds. 

In this case, you need to call the manufacturer to clean and repair the compressor or diagnose any other issues with the refrigerator sounds. 

How to make the fridge quieter?

refrigerator making knocking noise

If you are tired of the annoying sounds of your refrigerator, you need to follow the given tips to prevent these sounds: 

  • The refrigerator mold, dust, dirt and any foreign object clogged inside the evaporator and condenser fans cause the knocking or rattling sounds. If you regularly clean your refrigerator, these sounds can be eliminated.
  • Check the thin panel behind the fridge and clean the dirt stuck in it to avoid noise. 
  • Keep the refrigerator on a plain surface. An uneven surface is also a reason for giving noise. 
  • Make sure the refrigerator is not touching any wall or cabinet, as it will give vibrating sounds. 
  • If your refrigerator produces shaking noises, consider using the vibrating pads to keep your fridge stable. 

Refrigerator making knocking noise FAQs 

Why does my refrigerator sound like a jackhammer?

The water pipes or ice maker in the refrigerator cause the hammering sounds. These sounds are produced due to the water’s blockage or the pipes becoming loose, making the jackhammering noises. 

Why does my freezer make a banging noise?

The banging sounds are due to a fault in any of the components of the freezer, including the compressor, condenser or evaporator. 

Final thoughts

The knocking sounds of a refrigerator signal a fault in the compressor, condenser or evaporator. So, if you hear intermittent knocking or other annoying sounds, you need to call a professional plumber or the manufacturer to fix the issues. 

We hope the article helped you understand the knocking and other sounds from your refrigerator. Thanks for reading our Refrigerator making knocking noise article.