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How to Open pressure Cooker

With regards to How to Open pressure Cooker? The pressure cooker is used for instant cooking, and it’s an essential cooking tool to prepare meat and pulses. Usually, meat takes enough time to cook. A pressure cooker is used to get the tender and delicious meat food with comprehensive cooking time. The pressure inside the Cooker is built when enclosed with a valve on the top. 

Moreover, a pressure cooker is recommended for all stove types, and you can save time by cooking your food in less time. If you are a beginner, you may not know how to open the normal and stuck pressure cooker. It’s important to know about this because high-pressure heat is enclosed in Cooker, and negligence can bring life-threatening results. 

Thus, let’s start with the basics. 

How to use a pressure cooker?

When using a pressure cooker for instant cooking, you need to consider some factors that could help you prepare your required food item. You should be aware of the exact quantity of water according to the food inside the Cooker. The comprehensive amount of water will allow the effortless cooking, and an estimated cooking time is also essential to watch for. 

However, you have to put everything inside the Cooker, including food and spices. So, there should be a valve on the top for an easy heat release option. Thus, put the Cooker on the stove with a medium flame. Note the time of cooking and turn off the flame quickly. 

Now, the question is how to open the pressure cooker. 

Let me explain in depth. 

How to open a normal pressure cooker?

There is no hard and fast rule to open a pressure cooker, but you should adopt some preventive measures to use the Cooker. High pressure is built-in Cooker and it’s necessary to open the Cooker with care to avoid any inconvenience. 

So, there are several methods to open the Cooker, but we will mention some beneficial and authentic methods that could be easy and helpful for you. 

pressure Cooker

Method 1 

Normal pressure release 

This method is used to release the pressure after cooking has been done. You don’t need to open the lid; instead, use a button to push, a lever to twist, or a slide to pull for a pressure releasing mechanism. Release pressure before opening the lid is essential to avoid any fatal results. If you are a beginner, you should use this method. Some weighted and jiggle-type cookers never come with a normal pressure release system. 

Method 2

Slow normal pressure release

This is a relatively slow and effective opening method to release heat within 5-6 minutes. You can use the cooker valve to remove heat instantly. You will experience the normal heat sprays and the heat burst, but nothing to worry about is normal. In addition, you can open the valves intermittently within 10 seconds of the gap. However, it’s convenient to wait for 10-minutes for quick and normal heat release. In case of emergency, you can use the intermittent slow-release method.  

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Method 3

10-minute natural pressure release

If you are cooking the food which can be steamed further 10-minutes after required cooking time. So, you can use the 10-minutes natural pressure release method. You have to wait for 10-minutes before opening the lid and after turning off the flame. Usually, this method is used for pulses where you don’t need to worry about overcooking. In case you need to open the lid quickly, you can use slow normal release pressure.

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Method 4

Natural pressure release

Natural pressure release is the slowest method to open the pressure cooker. It will take 10-30 minutes to open the Cooker by using this method. Thus, you have to wait to turn off the flame. The pressure will be released naturally, and you can also preserve the moisture of food. 

Besides normal opening methods, you should know how to open a jammed cooking pressure. It’s more fussy when you cook your food, and the lid gets jammed suddenly. 

So, how to tackle this situation we have some solutions for you.  

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How to open a stuck pressure cooker?

It’s not ideal for anyone when the pressure cooker gets stuck. So, it happens sometimes because of excessive steam inside the Cooker and the blocked rubber mallets. But you don’t have to worry about it because we have a practical solution that could immediately help you get rid of this situation. 

Method 1

When the pressure cooker lid gets stuck, you should apply some pressure in the middle of the lid after removing the steam via a valve. If sufficient pressure could help you to open the lid. In that case, it’s alright. Otherwise, you can put the pressure below water to release the remaining heat, and this process is not so effective because heat and pressure make the Cooker expand more, and it may cause trouble to open up the lid. 

pressure Cooker

Method 2

You can turn on the flame to allow the Cooker to heat again and get filled with pressure. It has been proven thermodynamically that things made with metal expand on heating. So, after expansion, your cooker lid may loosen to some extent, and you may get the desired result after removing the heat again. 

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Method 3

This process is more efficient because many of you may be doing this already, and it’s the most effective way to open the stuck lid of the pressure cooker. When the lid gets jammed, you can heat the Cooker again on the stove and immediately put the Cooker underwater. So, a sudden expansion and shrinkage of metal will allow you to open the lid immediately. 

If you use an automatic pressure cooker, you should check the timer. If reading on time still shows the figure, you should wait for proper pressure drainage. 

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Over to you 

To open a normal and stuck pressure cooker is not an easy task because it needs your attention and vigilance. You must be careful to use a pressure cooker in the kitchen and never experiment with such cooking tools. So, this guide will help to open the pressure cooker with ease to avoid any inconvenience.