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Beginners Guide To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer

How to use an instant pot Air Fryer

Are you going to purchase the modern instant pot air fryer or already have an instant pot air fryer? Don’t know how to use instant pot duo crisp? 

The advanced technology of instant pot includes a lid used as an Air fryer. So, you can cook food in a pressure cooker and then use the Air fryer lid for crispy and tasty foods. 

We are here to tell you all the techniques to use an instant pot duo crisp air fryer, which will help you make delicious meals in a few minutes with several other excellent and hassle-free options.

Use of Instant pot Air fryer lid 

The instant pot air fryer is also named an instant pot duo crisp air fryer because of its multiple cooking options i.e., cook, broil, bake, dehydrate and roast in these instant pot air fryers. You can also use the nuwave air fryer to broil your favourite foods. 

Traditional air fryers do not offer the latest instant pot air fryers features. Check the large air fryer reviews to learn about the old air fryers. 

The simple steps of using a pot fryer are discussed below:

  1. Place the inner pot inside the instant pot. 

First, Unplug the power cord and clean the instant pot than you need to place the inner pot, a stainless steel pot, in the pressure cooker. Then, plug in the power cord. 

  1. Insert the Air fryer basket into the air fryer.

After the inner pot, put the meshed basket over the basket base into the air fryer.  

How to use an instant pot Air Fryer
  1. Put your food into the meshed basket. 

Add the food you want to cook in the instant pot. You can cook many dishes by using your instant pot air fryer. You can also choose the best microwave air fryer combo to cook different food items. 

How to use an instant pot Air Fryer
  1. Place the Air fryer lid on the Instant pot.
How to use an instant pot Air Fryer

After adding food, you need to properly close the lid by pressing the lid downwards by placing the fins of the lid on the lining. Make sure to connect each part according to the instructions given in the user manual. 

A beep or power sensor indicates that the pot air fryer is closed. 

  1. Choose your desired option from the smart programs. 

A smart program consists of the food cooking options, i.e., Roast, Bake, Air fry, Dehydrate and Broil. Choose your required program by pressing that particular button. 

How to use an instant pot Air Fryer
  1. Preheating of the Air fryer

When you press the start button, it will allow the air fryer to preheat. After preheating, you need to set the time and temperature of the air fryer according to your food. 

  1. Turn food 

When you start the cooking cycle, then after some time, the cooker beeps to Turn Food. To turn food means to change the side of the food inside the air fryer and then resume cooking. This signal appears when you air fry or roast something in the instant pot. 

  1. Removal of the Lid

After the completion of the cooking cycle, a beep sound will occur, which indicates the end of the cycle. Then, carefully remove the lid and place it on a protective pad to cool down. 

How to use an instant pot Air Fryer

After the lid is completely cooled, remove the food debris and clean it with a damp cloth. Store the air fryer lid by placing the grooved side of the cooling pad at the back of the lid. 


A few of the preventive measures while using the instant air fryer to avoid any damage are given below: 

  • Do not place the air fryer near any electric or gas heater.
  •  Avoid placing it in any small enclosed space.
  • Never place your air fryer on the stove. 
  • Always use the oven-safe cookware in the inner pot of the air fryer. 
  • Regularly clean the air fryer and place it on a stable surface.
  • Always follow the user manual. 

Using an Instant pot air fryer is not a challenging task. So, if you want to run your instant pot air fryer accurately, you must be aware of its components and attachments so that you can use it easily without any confusion. 

Instant Pot Air fryer Attachments.

Instant Pot duo crisp air fryer consists of the attachments used by the instant pot to cook the food safely.

Instant pot air fryer attachments               Function of the attachments
Air fryer LidIt works as an air fryer to cook food in the instant pot. 
Protective PadAfter cooking, the air fryer lid is removed and placed on an even surface on the protective pad, which allows it to cool.  
Air fryer basketThe meshed basket is placed inside the instant pot air fryer for venting purposes.
Air fryer basket base The air fryer basket base consists of clips that help to attach the basket to its base. 
Broil Tray This tray allows air circulation in the instant pot.

Lid components of Instant pot air fryer.

Internal Components External Components
Lid FinsHeating Element 
HandleStorage cover
Air intake and vents valvePower sensor

How to use the instant pot for french fries?

You can easily make french fries in an instant pot by following steps:

  • Put the fries in the air fryer basket. 
  • Close the air fryer lid.
  • Choose the air fry smart program and set the temperature at  375 degrees   Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. 
  • After that, you will hear a turn food signal. Flip the fries and allow them to cook for another 10 minutes until the cooking cycle ends. 
  • You will get the crispy fries within a few minutes. 

Moreover, you can also cook many other mouth-watering crispy foods in the instant air fryer. These dishes are cooked at high temperatures. 

Cooking at high temperatures must make you think do air fryers cause cancer? Well, it depends upon the cooking methods.   A few of the recipes are given below:

  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Potatoes and carrots
  • Butter cookies
  • Apple fritters
  • Donuts
  • Coconut shrimp
  • Frozen foods

Use of instant pot air fryer vortex.

To use an Instant Vortex air fryer, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Plug in the switch of the vortex air fryer. 
  • Place the cooking tray at the bottom of the air fryer basket. 
  • Choose your required smart program and set the time and temperature according to your dish.
  • Press the start button. Let it preheat.
  • Add food to the basket and allow it to cook. Flip the sides of the food on the turn food alarm. 
  •  Wait for the completion of the cycle until the END Cycle appears. 
  • Remove the air fryer lid and allow it to cool on the cooling pad. 
  • Enjoy your delicious meal. 

How to use instant pot air fryer FAQs

Do you put water in the instant pot air fryer?

You can add only a few drops of water to the instant pot air fryer. 

Can you boil eggs in an air fryer?

Yes, you can boil eggs in an air fryer by preheating the air fryer and placing eggs in the instant pot. The hot air from the air fryer will boil the eggs in 5 minutes. 

Do you need oil for an instant pot air fryer?

Yes, a few drops of oil are added to food in every air fryer. Do not use excess oil. It might result in an explosion. 


Instant Pot air fryer is the most convenient kitchen appliance. You can use the pot air fryer by inserting the inner pot and placing the food in the basket inside the air fryer. Allow it to cook according to the required temperature of the food. 

The above article provides the idea of using the instant pot air fryer in the simplest ways.