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How Long Should Washing Machines Last? (Average Life Span)

How Long Should Washing Machines Last

How long should washing machines last

Thinking of buying a new washing machine? Or the lifespan of a washing machine? Not getting your answers? Still confused? Don’t worry. We will tell you how long a washing machine lasts and how to maintain a washing machine. 

According to consumer reports, washing machines usually last more than 10 years. The lifespan of a washing machine also depends upon the maintenance, warranty, and brand. Most branded washing machines last more than 20 years if handled with care and are well-maintained. 

The article will discuss the average lifespan of a washing machine, maintenance, and when you need to replace your washer with a new one. 

Average life of a front-load washing machine

The average life span of the front-load washing machine is 5-10 years. However, branded washers often have more life expectancy due to the enhanced features and components. 

If you clean and maintain your washing machine regularly, it will last longer than the average lifespan of front-load washers.

Washing machine life span by brand

Washing machine brandAverage lifespanFront-load washing machineTop-load washing machine
Samsung15 yearsMore than 15 yearsUp to 14 years
Bosch10 yearsUp to  10 yearsUp to  10 years
Whirlpool12-14 yearsUp to 10 yearsUp to 13 years
LG10 years10-15 yearsUp to 10 years
Speed Queen25 years25years25 years
Maytag10 years11 yearsUp to 11 years
Hoover10 yearsUp to 10 yearsUp to 10 years

Is it worth repairing a 7-year-old washing machine?

Yes, repairing a 7-year-old washing machine is worth it. If your washer is in good condition and does not need a significant repair or replacement of any part, then repairing is a good option. 

But keep in mind, if your washing machine has some major fault and costs you equal the amount of a new machine. Then you should buy a new one. 

As it might cost you a few hundred dollars to repair an old appliance due to its expensive repairing parts. So, it is better to go for a new washer. 

How long should a washer dryer last?

A dryer lasts 10-15 years, and a washer lasts 7-11 years. A dryer’s lifespan is usually more than a washer due to less load and usage. 

How do you know when to replace a washing machine?

How long should washing machines last

You must replace your washing machine when the following problems occur: 

  1. When the motor fails to function. 

A drive motor plays an essential role in working a  washing machine. You need to change your washing machine when the motor fails to perform its function and starts giving banging sounds. 

You can also hire a professional plumber to repair your washer. But if your washer is many years old and does not get repaired, leave that old noisy washing machine and buy a new one. 

  1.  Drum leakage

A spinning drum can be repaired and replaced if it causes any leakage. But, if the replacement costs are so high, it’s better to go for a new washing machine instead of wasting money on an old one.  

  1. Damaged drain hoses and water inlet valve

If the drainage system of your washing machine is causing too many problems and does not function properly even after several repairments, you just need to replace your washer. 

If the water inlet valve does not fill the water, gives rambling sounds, and does not work after replacement, you should buy a new washer. Consider the best hard water washing machines while purchasing your washer. 

  1. If your washing machine produces too much noise. 

A washer must be replaced if it causes more noise than usual. There must be many reasons for such loud noises, like a fault in the drive pulley, tub bearings, shock absorbers, and suspension rods. 

So, even after the repair, your washer still produces loud squeaky noises. Then buy a new one for your mental peace and convenience. You can also check the cost-effective washing machines under 200 instead of spending on high repairments. 

  1. No power
How long should washing machines last

If your washing machine does not respond when you press the start button. It might be a sign of any fault in the washer. If the power does not retain even after a repair, you must replace your old washing machine with a new one.

How can I make my washing machine last longer?

You can increase your washing machine lifespan by following the instructions:

  1.  Clean your washing machine after every wash.

Good maintenance wash increases the lifespan of the washing machine.  You can wash your machine with hot water and detergent in a self-wash cycle after every laundry. 

It can save from mold in the washing machine  and mildew in the rubber door seal. Keep the door open after washing to prevent the growth of bacteria due to humidity.

  1. Avoid overloading your washing machine.

Washing machine maintenance also includes the proper usage of the washing machine. Do not overload your washer with heavy loads of laundry. Too many clothes in a wash tub can affect the spinning of the drum resulting in loud rubbing noises.
So, put small loads of laundry in your washers for a longer lifespan.

      3. Regularly check hoses and clean them.

The drainage hoses must be cleaned regularly. If the drain hoses are ever blocked, you can clean them at home and do not need any professional to check your drain hoses.

      4. Place your washing machine on an even surface.
Keep your washer on a plane surface; otherwise, it might lose its balance. The adjustable feet of the washer can only be balanced on an even floor. So, adjust the washer legs to maintain their balance and inner machine movement like tub rotation.

       5. Avoid excess detergent in a washing machine.

The more detergent in a washer is not safe for the clothes. Use the recommended amount of detergents for your clean clothes.

 These methods can increase the life expectancy of the washing machine. The newer models of washing machines consist of excellent components and are water efficient with a longer lifespan.

So, replacing your old appliances with a new appliance is not a bad option. 

How long should a washing machine last FAQs

How often should you replace your washing machine?

You should replace your washing machine after 10 years. The lifespan of an average washing machine is 10-15 years.
If your washing machine is in a good position and does not need repairs and replacing of its parts. Then, you should not replace it. 

Which is better a front loader or a top loader washing machine?

Front loads are more reliable than top load washing machines. Front-load washing machines give more clean clothes and use less water and recommended detergent to wash your clothes. 
Front loads also have a longer lifespan and are more efficient.

Final thoughts

The average lifespan of a washing machine is 10-15 years. This span also increases with good maintenance and care. 

The branded washers have more life expectancy and warranty due to their high-quality components. The above article might be helpful to you and give you an idea about the lifespan of your washer.