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Why your Maytag Washer wont start, and How to Fix this issue?

It’s a laundry day, and your washer refuses to start. There is a chance that your Maytag washer wont start due to troubleshooting. This article will give you a complete guide on resetting your Maytag front load washer if it doesn’t start the cycle?

If your front load Maytag washing machine is not starting, there is a possibility that its door is not closed correctly. The cycle won’t run if the door is not tightly locked as a safety precaution. 

The “lock” is engaged if you see the L.C. sign on the control panel. Hold the dedicated key swiftly to remove the safety lock.

maytag washer wont start

Maytag Washer Won’t Start – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis.

1. Issues With Incoming Power.

There is a slight chance of a faulty power supply. Check the socket to see if the switch is properly plugged in. Check the socket using a multimeter if the switch is on.

Power outlets are wired to provide 110-120 V alternative current in the U.S. Try to test the socket with other appliances. If that also doesn’t work, replace the socket.

2. Start button Stuck.

Due to over or frequent use, the start button may cause the problem. The Washer won’t run; it just beeps in such a scenario.  

How to Fix a Stuck Start Button Issue in Washers?

Gently tap three times on the button. Then apply light pressure on the sides of the area. Gentle tapping around the button will help release any object stuck behind it.

3. Control Lock.

Maytag washing machines come with the control lock feature. It prevents any accidental start. If it is activated, your unit won’t run.

How to Unlock the Control Lock in a Maytag Washing Machine?

Press the lock/unlock button for 5 seconds.

To disable this, push the unlock button for 3 seconds and then repress it for 2 seconds until the light LED goes off.

4. Incorrect Settings.

Check if you have set the delay start cycle. If you accidentally opt for the delay, starting your front load laundry machine will not run. The late cycle is fantastic, but sometimes it can cause problems too.

How Can I Reset the Cycle Settings on My Washing Machine?

Start with cutting the power supply and wait for 5 minutes. Then, plug the switch back in. Open and close the front door six times. Doing it will set back your front loader to its factory settings.

5. The Lid Switch is Not Working.

The lid switch is widely known as the door switch or kick plate. It is a sensor to protect the clothes from overflowing or any leakage. It detects if the water supply hose is working fine or not. 

You can’t do laundry until it’s appropriately locked and working smoothly. This feature also helps to prevent your washing machines smell like mildew.

How to Fix the Faulty Lid Switch in My Maytag Laundry Unit?

Remove the clothes from the drum and look for the small plastic tab. Use a screwdriver to remove it from the door hinge and fix it.

If you still won’t hear the “Click” sound once you close the front door. Then, you have a dead lid switch, and you need to replace it.

6. A Faulty Control Board.

A defective display board can also let your washer not run. Mostly it happens after a power outage. The board is located on the inside top of your unit. You can easily replace it if it’s outdated as the brand is known for producing under-budget washing units.

How to Fix a Defective Washing Unit Control Board?

  • Cut the power supply.
  • Remove the three screws holding the control panel board.
  • Check the continuity using a multimeter.
  • Look thoroughly to spot any burned wire.
  • Adjust the broken cables.
  • If there is zero continuity, you need to replace it.

7. An issue with Motor.

Over time the minerals in water can build up, and the calcium will stick around the iron of the Motor. 

Maytag is known for its quietest washing machines. If you notice any “humming sound” or “slow cycle,” you need to take your unit to a repair shop. Motors are the most sensitive and expensive parts. We won’t recommend you try fixing it at home.

If you check all the uplisted issues and the unit turns on but won’t operate, you need to reset it.

Reset Your Washer.

Where is the Reset Button located on my Maytag Laundry Unit?

There is no reset button.

Even without the troubleshoot button, it came with a set that will allow you to set it back to the factory setting.

How can I Reset my Topload Maytag Washing Unit?

  • Make sure your appliance is in standby mode.
  • Press the start or pause button for 5 seconds.
  • Wait until the LED panel lights go off.
  • Rotate the cycle selector knob clockwise for 3 seconds.
  • This will reset your appliance back to the factory settings.

How to Reset Your Front Load Maytag Washing Machine?

  • Cut the power supply to your appliance.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and plug the switch back in.
  • Open and Close the washer front door six times quickly.

Here are some error codes that will display and won’t let the cycle run until you fix them.

Standard Error Codes – Fix Them Swiftly.

F34 and R.L.

It indicates that there is a fabric remaining or stuck inside the drum. To fix it, rerun the cleaning cycle.

SUD or S.D.

This will prevent your Maytag spinner from starting. It indicates too many suds in one cycle, and you need to fix it.

F5 E2.

It indicates that the door is not closed correctly. It would help if you sealed the door properly to start the laundry cycle.

Wrapping It Up.

Keep calm and before calling the professional help, look for the problems mentioned above. About 43% is just the fundamental issue with the door or lid lock that you can quickly fix.

If you notice any error codes, try to fix them by looking into the user manual. We won’t recommend setting the burn or dead Motor at home by yourself.