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Washing Machine Makes Loud Noise (Causes and Quick Fixes)

Washing machines are essential in our household appliances. But, if your washing machine is making clanky loud noises. You need to check it out.

A washing machine usually makes a loud noise when parts, i.e., drive pulley, water inlet valve, tub bearings, shock absorbers, drive motor, drain pump, and belt, are broken or worn out.  Besides this, your washer can also give banging noises when overloaded or unbalanced. 

If your washer makes a loud sound, you need to know some of the significant causes of these noises. The reasons for a noisy washer and tips to fix them are discussed in the given article. So, let’s jump into the detail. 

Why washing machine is making loud noises?

A washing machine can make loud noise due to several reasons. Some primary causes for your banging washer are discussed below: 

  1. A faulty water inlet valve might cause loud noise when filling.
Washing Machine Makes Loud Noise

If your washing machine makes noise when filling water, it may be due to the water or solenoid valve. This problem occurs when the valve is blocked or turned off. 

Washing Machine Makes Loud Noise

The deposition of certain minerals blocks a water inlet valve. You can repair your inlet valve and replace it with a new one to avoid this problem in your load washing machine. You can also view the hard water washing machine reviews to learn about the deposition of minerals.  

  1. A Damaged motor can produce a loud buzzing sound.

If your washing machine is noisy and gives a buzzing sound during a wash cycle, it might be due to a fault in the motor coupling or drive motor. 

The motor coupling connects the motor and the washing machine transmission with each other, while its function deteriorates when it is overloaded and gets broken, resulting in loud noises. You can quickly resolve this motor coupling issue at home or by hiring a plumber. 

Makes Loud Noise

Moreover, the drive motor below the washer cabinet can be noisy due to worn-out bearings. The old and rusted bearings result in loud noise while spinning. So, to avoid these sounds, you need to replace the motor bearings to save your washer from more damage. 

Washing Machine Makes Loud Noise
  1.  A clogged drain pump can cause a scraping noise. 

A drain hose can give loud noises during a drain cycle or spin cycle due to the blockage in the drain pipe. A drain hose can clog due to the buttons or other obstructive material. 

Makes Loud Noise

So, you need to check the drain filter and make sure to remove all the clogged things. If it still makes a banging noise, you just need to replace the washing machine drain pump and check the washing machine drainage alternatives to resolve this issue altogether.  

If your washer has a lint trap, you also need to check if something is clogged in the lint filter or not. Make sure to clean it as well. You can also reset a Samsung washing machine by this method if it stops working.

Makes Loud Noise
  1. An unbalanced washing machine results in loud banging noise

If your washing machine is placed on an uneven surface, it might produce rattling sounds. You need to place your washing machine on a flat surface to avoid these sounds.  

An unbalanced load and a bra wire if got stuck in a washer can also produce strange sounds when overloaded with laundry. So, distribute laundry evenly to eliminate this problem and make sure to wash the undergarments in a meshed laundry bag. 

  1. A defective drive pulley causes a rambling sound   

A motor pulley in a top-load or front-load washing machine helps to rotate the drum of the load washing machine. The problem arises when the drive pulley is worn-out or broken. 

So, you can replace the washer motor pulley to save your front load washer from any severe damage.

  1. Loose drum bearings of a washer can cause a rubbing sound

The washer tub or drum bearing made up of small metal balls inside a ringed structure is located below the outer tub. The problem comes when the drum becomes loose during tub movements and starts producing a loud noise due to worn-out tub bearings. 

Makes Loud Noise

The loose drum of a washer can also be due to the loosely attached screws, which give banging noises. Make sure to tighten all the screws to eliminate the loudness of your washing machine. 

You can replace the main tub bearing by disassembling the inner and outer tubs, door seal, and tub seal, or hire an expert plumber to fix this issue. 

Makes Loud Noise
  1. A worn-out belt can cause a squeaking noise when your washer spins.

You need to check your washing machine belt If your load washer is giving squeaky sounds while spinning or at the end of the spin cycle. 

A worn-out belt produces loud noises. The solution is simply applying the mechanical grease or replacing the belt with a new one. 

Makes Loud Noise
  1. A fault in the shock absorbers might produce disturbing noise

.The shock absorbers are responsible for the centered tub movements and are connected to the washer frame. If your washing machine starts vibrating with disturbing noises, it might be Due to the worn-out shock absorbers. You need to check the washer and replace the shock absorbers.  

Makes Loud Noise

A fault in the agitator directional cogs of the washing machine might cause grinding noise while agitating. A professional plumber can repair the agitator to eliminate the loud noise of your washer. 


A top load washing machine makes noise when spinning. 

A top-loading washer can be noisy for the following reasons:

  • The worn-out tub bearing can cause noise. 
  • The broken suspension rods or springs might be a reason for a noisy washer. 
  • Malfunctioning of the drive motor might produce a loud noise.
  • A defective drain pump is also a reason for squeaky noises. 
  • A faulty water inlet valve can make a clanking noise. 

A front load washing machine makes noise during the spin cycle.

 Following are the reasons if your front loader washer makes noise while spinning:

  • The defective shock absorbers.
  • Worn out bearings 
  • Malfunctioning of a drive motor
  • Defect in a drain pump
  • A fault in a solenoid valve. 

Tips to fix a noisy washing machine

To fix your washing machine. You must follow the instructions:

  • Place your washing machine on an equal or plain surface. 
  • Do not overload the washer with too much laundry. 
  • Check and clean your lint or drain filter regularly to avoid blockage. 

Still, if you are wondering, Why my washing machine is not working, You need to hire a professional plumber to repair your washer or might need a new machine if the problem is not fixed. 

Branded washing machines making noise

Some well-known branded washing machines like Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and Maytag make banging or grinding noises. 

washing machine fault

But, the reasons are the same for identifying the problem with your washer, as discussed earlier in this article. 

You can only fix the washer feet, evenly distribute the laundry, and eliminate obstructive materials.

You need an expert plumber to fix the motor drive, pulley, tub bearings, and inlet valve of your top and front loader washers. 

Washing machine makes loud noise FAQs.

How do I stop my washing machine from making noise?

You need to place the washer on an even surface. 
 Check if something is stuck between the tub, drum, and  door seal
Do not overload your washer. 
Adjust the washer feet. 

Final thoughts

A washing machine can be noisy when its parts are broken or worn out. You can fix some of the details with basic repair knowledge. Otherwise, you must need to hire a technician to fix your washer. If your washing machine is several years old and most of its parts are worn out, you should purchase a new one.  

We hope you got an idea about the banging sounds of your washer from the above article, and now you can identify the type of problem your washer might be facing to get it fixed.