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How Much Does a Washing Machine Weigh? Quick ANSWER!

The weight of a washing machine always makes you worried about whether to buy a washing machine or shift to a new house; moving your washer from one place to another is challenging. Even lifting your washer upstairs is not easy as well.

Typically, a washing machine weighs about 150-200 pounds. Whereas the front loader washing machine weighs more than a top load washer. The standard weight of a front loader washer is about 200-250 pounds. The weight of these washers varies according to their size, model, and components. 

You might constantly wonder why these washing machines are so heavy. How much do they weigh, and how to move them without any difficulty? 

So, we will discuss the information about the weight and tips to move your washer efficiently in the article.

How Much Does a Washing Machine Weigh

Weight of a top loader and front load washing machine

A machine weighs differently according to capacity, size, and components.

A top loader washing machine weighs 150-200 pounds due to the inside concrete blocks.

A front loading washing machine weighs more than a top loader washer. It weighs from 200-250 pounds.

Moreover,  Size can significantly affect the weight of a washing machine. A small washer can weigh 99 pounds. Likewise, a large washing machine can weigh up to 350 pounds, and a combo of dryer and washer can weigh almost 250-300 pounds. 

However,  dryers weigh less than most washers, average 100-170 pounds, and are considered the lighter machines because there are no concrete counterweights fitted inside. 

The weight of the washing machine automatically increases when it is filled with water. The total weight of the washer depends upon the water weight. One gallon of water contains almost 8 pounds. So, more gallons of water means more weight for the washer.

Old washing machines have the capacity of more gallons of water than modern machines having less water capacity. 

The machine’s weight increases during a wash cycle due to the laundry. The capacity of the washer to load clothes can be measured in cubic feet. However, a washing machine’s lifetime depends on how carefully you use the washers.

Washing machine in KGs and Pounds

Washing machine Weight in pounds Weight in Kgs
Top-loader washing machine150-20070-90
Front-loader washing machine200-25090-115
Combo washer and dryer250-300115-136
tumble dryer 88-11040-50 
Stackable washer and dryer238 107 

Standard weight of a washing machine

The standard weight of most washing machines stands between 170-250 pounds. The best top loading washing machines can weigh up to 300 pounds.

Furthermore, the large front load machines are heavier and can weigh from 300-350 depending upon the size and model of the washer. 

How heavy is an average washing machine?

An average washing machine weighs from 170-200 pounds. However, the front loading machines weigh about 250-300 pounds. The cheap washing machine reviews can explain more about the average weighed washing machine. 

How do you move a heavy washing machine?

Before moving the washer, you need the following necessary supplies for the safety of your washing machine. 

  • Washer’s shipping rod
  • Loose cords
  • Packing tape
  • Locking kit
  • Furniture Blankets
  • Appliance dolly
  • Transit bolts

So, after completing the above objects. Follow a few tips below:

  • First, unplug your washer, and detach it from the both cold and hot water hoses.
  • Make sure to empty and dry the machine. 
  • Use the locking kit, transit bolts, and shipping rod to stabilise the washer without causing any harm to the suspension mechanism.
  • Cover your washer with furniture blankets and pack cardboard with packing tape. 
  • Load the washer on the moving truck or appliance dolly with the help of two persons to lift the machine. 
  • Provide support to the washer as the dolly’s high side might lose its balance.
  • If you are unable to follow the provided tips. You can take professional advice to move your washing machine. You can also hire professional movers to do this task.

Weight of branded  Washing machines

Brands of washing machineWeight in poundsWeight in KGs

Washing Machine weigh FAQs

How do I lift a washing machine?

You can lift a washing machine by holding it from the top, tilting it upwards, then slowly stepping back and moving towards yourself. 

Is a heavier washing machine better?

Yes, a heavy duty washing machine is better. It provides more water and laundry capacity in a single wash cycle. These machines have high-quality components and prevent  washer noise during a washing cycle. 

How much does an empty washing machine weigh?

An empty washing machine weighs about 170-200 pounds. 

Final thoughts

A washing machine weighs differently due to its size, capacity, and brand model. The average top loader washer weighs 170-200 pounds, and front loaders are heavier and weighs 200-250 pounds. 

We hope you got an idea of the washing machine’s weight from the above article. It will be helpful to you in choosing or estimating the weight of your new washer.