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What is the soil level on a washer? Great Answer in 2024!

What is the soil level on a washer?

what is the soil level on a washer

With modern technology and the advent of home appliances, washing machines also have an advanced soil level feature that helps wash clothes efficiently.

The recent models of the top load and front load washers have this soil feature. While the traditional or cheap washer machines do not have soil level settings. 

Are you wondering what soil level means on a washer or how soil level and water level differ? 

Soil level on a washer means the amount of dirt and dust on your clothes. So, depending upon the soil level, you can clean your laundry on the designed light, medium, and heavy wash cycles. Moreover, you can add the detergent according to the soil level. 

The washing machines offer different cycles for heavily soiled and lightly soiled clothes. We will discuss everything about the soil level & wash cycles for all types of laundry with the amount of detergent used in each spin cycle. Let’s dive in for details. 

What does soil level mean on a washer?

what is the soil level on a washer

If your washing machine has the advanced feature of soil level setting, You will be amazed by the functioning of this convenient option for your laundry. 

Soil level settings on a washer mean the amount of dirt, grime, stains, and dust on clothes. The washing machine washes the clothes according to the level of the soil in the desired light, medium, or heavy soil cycle.

The wash cycles based on soil level are discussed below: 

  1. Light soil level setting

The light soil cycle is for delicate fabrics like innerwear, silk, and clothes that contain less dirt and no visible stains. 

Lightly soiled clothes need a small amount of detergent and take less time for a wash cycle, and you do not need to presoak the delicates. These clothes can also be washed at a preset soil level. 

  1. Normal soil level

You can wash your daily wear t.shirts, sweatpants, jeans, and slightly stained and smelly clothes in the normal soil setting. 

This cycle helps to remove dirt, smell, and wrinkles from laundry while giving you fresh fragrant clothes. The normal cycle takes time equal to the average wash cycle time

what is the soil level on a washer
  1. Heavy soil level

Heavily soiled clothes are highly stained with grass, mud, and spills. You can wash sports wears, towels, and furniture covers in high soil settings. 

Moreover, this cycle needs extra detergents and takes more time to complete. 

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Is soil level the same as water level?

No, the Soil level is different from the water level. Soil level is the amount of dirt or stains on the clothes, while the water level is the amount of the washing machine. But, higher soil level settings need a high water level to wash laundry in a top loader.  

However, water level varies in the front load and top load washers. The top loading machines need more water, and front load machines need less water for a wash cycle. 

what is the soil level on a washer

What does heavy soil mean on a washing machine?

Heavy soil on a washer means the wash cycle is set to clean the heavily soiled items with visible stains, grime, and dirt. 

The heavy soil setting washes the clothes in hot water more agitatedly at high temperatures.

What soil level should I use?

what is the soil level on a washer

You should choose the soil level according to the clothes. You must select the extra light soil setting to wash your delicate clothes. For your t.shirts, socks, and sweaters, you should choose a normal soil cycle, particularly for light soiled clothes.

Likewise, a heavy soil setting is the best for highly soiled laundry. The mud, grass, and spill stains are cleaned in this cycle. So, you should go for what suits best for your clothes. 

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Soil level on a washer FAQs

What is the soil level for jeans?

The soil level for jeans is the Normal level. But if your jeans are heavily soiled and stained, you can also wash them in the heavy soil for the best results. 

What is the soil level for laundry?

Soil level for laundry can be light, medium, or heavy. It mainly depends upon the amount of soil and dirt on your clothes. So, you can choose the soil level according to your clothes. 
The lightly soiled clothes will be washed at light soil level, and the heavily soiled will be washed in the heavy soil setting.

Does soil level affect water level?

It varies in the top load and front load washers. A top load washing machine needs more water at higher soil levels, whereas a front load washer needs less water at heavy soil levels. So, it depends upon the washer you use. 

Final thoughts

The soil level on a laundry machine determines the dust, stains, and grime on your clothes and makes it easy for you to wash your clothes according to your soil level. 

You don’t need to pre-soak your clothes as this convenient soil level feature will do its job and give you freshly cleaned clothes. 

We hope the above article helped you understand the soil level. Now, modern features allow you to wash your clothes in less time.